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Multiadventure at Benageber, 1st. ESO

Date: marzo 25, 2015 Author: editor general Categories: ESO, General

It was on the 12th of March that we went to school as every Thursday, but it wasnˋt exactly a normal Thursday. Instead of our school bags plenty of books, we were carrying our cases with trousers, jumpers, torches… We were ready to start a trip.

We got into the school chapel where the headmistress and the headteacher told us important words. – To enjoy nature, to enjoy friendship and to do the most of this opportunity.

Then we depart to Benageber. It was the first time our school went there, so we had no reference from elderly brothers or friends, and that fact made the trip really adventurous. It only took and hour and three quarters to get there.

Once we had arrived a team of instructors told us what to do in every moment, so once we had left our cases in the rooms, we listened carefully to the camp rules, and then we were divided into three groups.

Firstly my group did eurobungy which is a kind of trampolin jumps; we were held and lifted by elastic bands so we could jump really high and perform somersaults. The sensations were great.

Not to cue endlessly we could play while we waited our turn to table-tennis, to twister, to sack races, to football in a special pitch…

Then it was time for lunch and we were so joyful and had so many things to tell each other, because we tried the activities in turns, so other mates have had different experiences and sensations to share, that we hardly observed the fabulous view that the dining-room offered us to the reservoir.

Secondly it was our turn to the “pi a pi”. We were given helmets, harnesses and security instructions. And while we were carefully supervised by two instructors, we could enjoy a walk through the tree tops and see the amazing views that were in front of us and that this unique perspective offered.

After, while we rested we had a chocolate sandwich and mingle with our friends.

On third place we did kangoo jumps, we were provided special trainers with springs, so we could jump and run like kangaroos. It was so funny and challenging at the same time! We would have never stopped!

Just before dinner we had time to have a shower. And once we had finished we did another game and went into the disco for a little time, too little in our opinion.

Then time for bed had arrived.

It was dawning again, the day was sunny but chilly, and temperature raised as the day went by. To get as ready as possible we had a good breakfast.Today we were split up in two teams.

Mine did climbing first. Our instructors told us how to do it, and they hold us with ropes while we tried to reach the top of the wall. This was a very tough activity and only a few could reach the aim, but the effort and the experience was worthy.

And the last activity for us was the orientation race. We went into the forest nearby and we were given two maps with some clues to reach a particular point.

Finally it was time for lunch and to start our journey back to school.

I’ve got to say it’s been the best adventure trip I’ve ever done!!!


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