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St. Joseph’s Caves

Date: junio 8, 2015 Author: editor general Categories: ESO, General

The year is comming to an end. And we are either happy nor sad.
All the moments we shared, the things we experimented, the places we visited make us smile. But on the other hand we will depart soon, to the villages, to the coast, maybe abroad, so far from each other…, that we have still started to miss it all.
Last week final exams took place. And in a more relaxed mood we left school this morning to Vall d’uxo where we visited Saint Joseph’s caves abord little boats and also an Iberian village.
The caves are very old and they are plenty of stalactites that are formed on the ceiling in a cone shape. They take a long time to grow so it’s very important not to touch them because you stop their growing.
We also had a snack or an ice-cream in the shadowy square out the caves.

It’s been a nice way of saying good-bye to year 2014-2015.

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